FreeWrite No. 3: Staring at My Reflection

I stared at me, and me stared back. 

At that point in time, I had lost track. 

My blues eyes looked empty, a void of emotion, 

My life was going through erosion. 

As the wind and rain break down the Earth, 

That’s how I felt. 

Slowly being beaten down by every hiccup in life, every heart break, every bad decision. 

I attracted the ones with the least precision. 

They didn’t rip my heart out, they didn’t care that much. 

The only thing they had was my pussy in clutch. 

I was too blind, too dumb to see that the reason they were there wasn’t for me. 

I was a husk of a human, no emotion, no tears, 

And it was then that I realized, that this was my fear.

I needed to be loved, I needed to be held. 

But what happened was, I got de-shelled. 

I was a husk of a human, no emotions, no fears, 

But the damage? To recoup? It would take years. 

All I wanted was to be cared for, was to be looked after, 

All I got were the high school boys’ heckling laughter. 


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